Tel: 01236 426 737
2a Scarhill Street, Kirkshaws, Coatbridge, ML5 5BB


This project helps the community to grow food through education, practical help and by the provision of facilities at our Community Garden. We can help you grow food from seed to harvest and we offer Cooking Lessons in getting it deliciously to your plate.

This is an environmental project. Growing your own food greatly reduces your CO2 footprint by reducing transport and packaging as well as reducing the mechanisation of production along with the chemical additives usually associated with commercially grown foods.


Gardening is a very healthy activity and growing your own organic food is cheaper too. Whether you are a beginner or experienced we can help you.

We offer workshops and events at the Community Garden to help you in the process as well as giving the free use of raised beds, a polytunnel, potting shed and tools.

Our Cooking Lessons teach healthy recipes that are easy and inexpensive to make whilst using ingredients from our garden. With our small rotivator we can also help you grow in your own garden.