Tel: 01236 426 737
2a Scarhill Street, Kirkshaws, Coatbridge, ML5 5BB

Children’s Services

Activity Clubs

We provide a programme of Children’s Indoor and outdoor activities for 5-12 years, including arts and crafts, role play and free play and to allow children the opportunity to engage with others improving their social development, learning, imagination, creativity and independence, ensuring activities are fun, inclusive and active



We provide football training for children and young people aged 5-12 years, improving the development of co-ordination skills, flexibility, strength and endurance, promoting general health and wellbeing.


Additional Support Needs

We also host fun and stimulating play-based activities in a fun and safe environment for children and young people aged 5-12 years with additional support needs. These sessions are adapted to suit the need and interests of the individual child and include music, gardening, cooking and outdoor play opportunities. The sessions allow children and young people to express themselves through imagination, be creative and improve their social skills.


To find out more about any of these activities contact a member of the PASP team on 01236 426 737 or email [email protected].