Tel: 01236 426 737
2a Scarhill Street, Kirkshaws, Coatbridge, ML5 5BB

Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Parent Action for Safe Play’s activities are driven by the following mission statement:

“Parent Action for Safe Play aims to improve the quality of life in Coatbridge by delivering an integrated, inclusive and accessible range of play, sports, leisure, and community based services.”



  • To improve educational, training and recreational facilities and opportunities for all in the local community;
  • To improve the lifestyle and learning opportunities open to the inhabitants of the local community;
  • To develop a variety of innovations which will allow children and young people to make positive lifestyle choices; to improve the quality of life for people on the lowest incomes through the provision of free and low cost leisure and recreational opportunities for children and young people;
  • To involve children and young people in physically active pursuits;
  • To promote social inclusion through providing an inclusive range of services in the local community;
  • To provide support to local residents in pursuit of education, training and employment opportunities related to the leisure and childcare industries;
  • To increase safety and health in the local community through the development and management of amenities and related services;
  • To develop economic, social and cultural services through working in partnership with local or national agencies, and building on the successful development of the existing safe play park in Kirkshaws, Coatbridge; and
  • To develop client led and integrated service provision through partnership, working to further develop play and leisure facilities, to support children, young people and vulnerable families, and to create training and employment opportunities for local young people.